Renegade Nell


Amanda Brotchie, M.J. Delaney & Ben Taylor

Nell Jackson finds herself framed for murder and becomes a female highway woman in 18th century England. Turning into the most feared and wanted woman in the country she discovers her destiny is beyond anything she’d ever imagined.

1920 were a part of bringing the magic of Renegade Nell to life by completing work on 87 shots. The work included CG Staircase, CG Letter, CG magic orb, FX soil and dust for the Herne, FX exploding apple, FX fire and FX dark magic smoke and dust as well as modern day clean up.

Directors | Amanda Brotchie, M.J Delaney, Ben Taylor

Studio | Disney+

Production Company | Lookout Point

Lookout Point Credits

VFX Supervisor | Gary Brown

VFX Producer | Anne Akande

Senior VFX Production Coordinator | Jasper Shah

VFX Editor | Mike Dziennik

VFX Coordinator | Sujeath Navaratnam

1920 Credits

VFX Supervisor | James Etherington-Sparks

VFX Producers | Chee Yen Wang & Emma Ibbetson

Senior VFX Production Coordinators | Ella Whiting & Heather Brown

CG Supervisor | Chris King, Ben Thomas & Will Davies

Compositors | Adam McHale, Alejandro Marzo, Chrys Aldred, Emily Govinden, James Russell, Jamie Stitson, Klaudia Skalska, Leila Wishart, Lucas Warren, Robert Lilley, Taylor Webber, Weronika Holak & Yanru Yin

CG Artists | Adam Gramlick, Alex Rumsey, Arda Sernaz, Ash Ellis, David Rencsenyi, Elena Schurkus, Frank Engen, Joe Baker, Lucy Wright, Mike Farrar & Miles Tomalin