The Greatest Showman

20th Century Fox

Michael Gracey

The director of The Greatest Showman, Michael Gracey, called upon our services to help realise his vision for the 2017 box office smash.  We help to create the royal throne room of Queen Victoria as well as a number of other environment/period changes using Digital Matte Painting and projections, as well as making a last minute change to the dress colour of the Keala Settle’s character Lettie Lutz for the whole of the ‘This Is Me’ song piece.

Director | Michael Gracey

Studio | 20th Century Fox

Production Company | Twentieth Century Fox Studios

Twentieth Century Fox Studios Credits

VFX Supervisor | Mark O. Folker

1920 Credits

VFX Supervisors | Duncan Horn & Ludo Fealy

Compositors | Adam McHale, Chrys Aldred, Claire Larkin, Jenn Epstein, Robert Lilley & Stephanie Daly

VFX Producers | Hannah Ruddleston & Kurtison Bailey