True Detective: Night Country – Season 4 (Showreel)


Issa López

True Detective’s icy new season, “Night Country”, debuted on HBO January 14th. This stand-alone crime saga, set in remote Alaska, plunges Detectives Danvers and Navarro (played by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis) into the baffling disappearance of eight research station workers. Buckle up for atmospheric chills and character complexities

Across 60 shots, 1920 enhanced the snowy landscape of the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska with FX snow and DMP and transformed Danvers’ underwater sequence with FX ice and bubbles. On top of contributing to multiple monitor inserts, we also worked on a CG car replacement shot.

In the final episode, we created a full CG Ice bone chamber environment for which we built several prehistoric skeletons that are illuminated by torch light, creating both reflective and refractive effects.

Director | Issa López

Studio | HBO

Production Company | HBO

HBO Credits

VFX Supervisor | Barney Curnow

VFX Producer | Jan Guilfoyle

1920 Credits

VFX Supervisor | James Etherington-Sparks

VFX Producer | Chee Yen Wang

VFX Production Manager | Sophie Hodgson

CG Supervisor | Chris King

Lead Compositor | Robert Lilley & Lucas Warren

VFX Editor | Isabelle Wroth

Compositors | Adam McHale, Emily Govinden, Giles Hicks, Loredana Gangemi, Matilda Craig, Mattis Gaston Larsen, Tony Wells & Weronika Holak,

CG Artists | Andreas Georgiou, Ash Ellis, David Rencsenyi, Joe Baker, Lewys Rhodes & Miles Tomalin

DMP Artist | Jordan Haynes