Moderate Drinkers Wanted


Nicolai Fuglsig

VFX: nineteentwenty

VFX Supervisor: Ludo Fealy and Ryan Hadfield

VFX Producer: Sally Pritchett

Nuke VFX Team: Robert Lilley, Graeme Eglin and Chrys Aldred

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

Production Company: MJZ London

Executive Production Producer: Debbie Turner

Production Company Producer: Laurie Boccaccio

Production Supervisor: Adriana Cebada More

Agency: Publicis Italy

Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli and Cristiana Boccassini

Copy Writer: Michele Picci

Art Director: Simone di Laus

Agency Producer: Mariella Maiorano

Music Producers: Peter Raeburn and Evan Jolly at Soundtree London

Orchestrator: Evan Jolly at Soundtree London

Editors: Neil Smith at Work

Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret at MPC